Get the most out of your private practice

Understanding how to run your practice as a business is the first step in operating a thriving medical practice. DPM want to take part in this journey with you and use our knowledge and expertise to help ensure you and your practice succeed.

Introducing an exciting new venture

To help achieve our promise of delivering financial peace of mind, DPM are excited to announce our educational partnership with The Private Practice which will see DPM become a key contributor across taxation, business structuring and lending.  The educational workshops are designed to empower medical professionals and arm them with the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and manage successful practices.



A new opportunity to empower DPM clients

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An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest

At DPM, we want to help you understand the most beneficial way to manage your personal circumstances, and empower you to make smarter financial decisions for yourself, your family and your business. DPM is about more than just completing annual tax returns or providing advice on financial products and services, we want to ensure that we put this advice into context so that it has a meaningful and lasting impact on your personal and professional life.

Our partnership with The Private Practice education program provides DPM with an opportunity to further extend the value we offer to clients, by providing guidance on all aspects of practice management, delivered by industry experts from around the country. We look forward to sharing our specialist knowledge and expertise with the broader medical community to ensure that attendees are armed with the tools and skillset to run successful practices, and ensure they get the most out of their time and investment.

“DPM has made a decision to partner with The Private Practice because we feel this extended education program is important for doctors to put their personal and professional life into perspective and context.”

Paul Grubb, Executive Director – DPM Financial Services

About the workshops and how you can attend

Since 2009, The Private Practice education program has attracted over 4,250 healthcare professionals keen to lift their knowledge of business and financial management – and position themselves for success in their practice and personal lives.

Transition to Practice ‘Comprehensive’ Workshop

The Transition to Practice ‘Comprehensive’ course has been developed for advanced trainees, recent Fellows and consultants seeking a smooth and efficient transition to private practice. This course aims to prepare you for the challenges involved with establishing and managing a successful medical business and to expose you to the strategies and habits required to achieve lifestyle success.

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Private Practice Growth Strategies Workshop

Transform your practice from good to great. Re-imagine what your practice could look like, how it should operate for optimal interaction and engagement with patients, referrers, professional and administrative staff. Learn why growth is crucial for survival and the strategies required to achieve business and lifestyle success.

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Advanced Wealth Planning & Lifestyle Management

Learn how to effectively and consistently convert high income into appreciating assets that will provide for your desired lifestyle now and into retirement, as well as help establish a platform for intergenerational success.

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Transition to Retirement Workshop

A successful retirement requires informed and considered decision making as early as possible. Many factors, both business and financial, need to be addressed and strategies developed to achieve a successful transition from practice life to personal life.

Over two highly interactive days, course delegates will be guided through the important business and financial decisions and strategies that will significantly impact their quality of life and the effectiveness of their intergenerational wealth platform.

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DPM client registration

Through this educational partnership, DPM can provide clients with a highly discounted registration fee of $660 per delegate for each workshop using the DPM19 promotional code.

If you are interested in attending a course, click here to register or chat to your DPM consultant for more information.