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Medical school is just the beginning of your rewarding career in medicine. We understand medical students journey and can help you prepare for each career stage.

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Do you know what’s ahead?

Whatever stage of medical school you’re at, you’re studying hard. Giving some thought now to considerations beyond your studies – like your financial future – will help you graduate with fewer worries.

Get future-ready. Plan.

Medical school is all about learning and working hard towards graduation, while balancing studies with your other commitments. Seeking advice now from a DPM consultant not only helps you get future-ready but also sorts things like budgeting to stretch your dollars further and completing your tax return to avoid unwanted tax bills.

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Seek advice.

DPM has always looked after the financial needs of medical students and doctors. Your DPM Student Membership gives you access to a dedicated financial adviser and all the related services you’ll need during your medical degree studies.

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Why DPM?

“Thank you so much for your correspondence, you made everything so easy. I would be more than happy to recommend DPM to a friend.”

Marlee – Medical Student, Melbourne University

“Thank you DPM for your generous bursary through which I was able to do and see some amazing things in Tanzania and the camera which allowed me to take some beautiful photos! What a great experience!”

Carrie – Final Year Medical Student, Monash University

“Thank you for helping me sort out years of tax returns I had neglected due to being so busy with Medical School. Your friendly and professional service helped make this massive job simple with a short visit to your office. Tax time stress is a thing of the past.”

Cathryn – 3rd year Medical Student, Deakin University


Our advice philosophy centres on all we know of a medical professional’s journey – your journey. As a non-aligned business, DPM will give you the best advice for your personal situation, without pushing any specific product or affiliate company along the way. It ensures we always work in your best interest.

During our long history of working with doctors, we’ve developed solid relationships with various partners across the finance industry. We believe we can access more competitive deals for you than you’d normally get through the retail market. As a client of DPM, you’ll have direct access to a dedicated team of consultants, all specialists in their fields. They’ll work together, align their advice and prepare you to be in the best financial position. Our services work together as a fully integrated solution – you won’t have to deal with multiple companies or people to make it all happen.

Absolutely not. We designed the DPM service offering based on our knowhow of what medical professionals will need throughout their careers. The services work together as a fully integrated solution to give the best outcome, but they also stand alone as individual services tailored to your needs.

Yes, we do. And, yes, you can. It’s a given with the medical profession that you’ll need to move around to take up opportunities. We currently have clients all over Australia and the world. To cater for this global client-base, all our meeting rooms are set up with web conferencing, ensuring we can give you our full attention, no matter where you are. Of course, we’d love to meet you personally at our Melbourne or Sydney office, but we’re also grateful for the technology that lets us work with you remotely to make sure you get the best outcomes, even when you’re on the move.

As long as you’re a medical school student, we can complete your tax returns for any and all prior years. And, no, we won’t charge you for that service.

The Student Loan is available to final year medical students who have received their letter of offer for their internship year. Through the Young Doctors Package, students may be able to access up to $50,000 unsecured (subject to serviceability criteria) for a loan term of up to 5 years. To find out more about the Student Loan, get in touch with one of our DPM consultants to discuss your personal situation and whether the student loan could be suitable for you. For more details on the Student Loan, click here.

Absolutely. Managing your finances as well as your partner’s means we can provide a more complete service to both of you. The majority of our clients who are in a relationship opt to become clients as a couple or as a family. It’s more practical and allows us to help you plan more effectively for your future.

Meet the Student Team

Anthony Dickinson

B. Bus (Acc)


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Anthony joined DPM in 2018.  With a comprehensive understanding of the financial journey doctors experience from medical school to consultancy, Anthony is able to provide clients advice on financial and taxation matters, as well as overall planning to achieve personal and professional goals.

Sean O’Neill

CPA, B. Bus (Acc)


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Sean joined DPM in 2009. His experience working with doctors in training and consultants gives him insights into the financial challenges faced at each career stage. Sean helps clients manage their financial and taxation affairs so they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

Alyse Henry

CA, B. Bus (Acc)


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Alyse joined DPM in 2016 and specialises in dealing with Doctors in training. With a comprehensive understanding of the financial journey doctors will experience, she is able to provide specialist advice on taxation, as well as overall planning to achieve personal and professional goals. Alyse aims to help her clients experience peace of mind in every aspect of their financial life.

Christian Seeley

B. Comm (FinPlan)


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Christian joined DPM in 2014, bringing with him more than 4 years industry experience. With a strong background in paraplanning and preparing statement of advice documents, Christian specialises in creating detailed cash flow and net asset projections to help clients plan appropriately for their future lifestyle and financial objectives.