Our Story

Delivering financial peace of mind.

Through experience and extensive knowledge of the journey of a medical professional, DPM Financial Services provides a fully integrated financial solution under one roof that helps educate doctors of Australia to make the right financial decisions and achieve their financial goals.


DPM is born

As accounting students, two of our founding partners begin offering financial advice to uni friends studying medicine.

They lay the foundations that remain our core business to this day.

1980s – 1990s

Evolving as a market leader

Our innovative Insurance and investment service establishes DPM as a market leader.

We introduce a Private Wealth creation service focusing on financial planning.

2000s – 2010s

New branding, new direction

Doquile Perrett Meade undergoes a rebranding exercise that shifts and refocuses our business strategy.

In response to our clients’ needs for lending advice, we introduce our Lending service. Fletcher Clarendon joins DPM, adding Legal services to our capability.

doquile perrett meade


More services, more locations

We introduce our Property Advocacy service.

We expand with our Sydney office and now service medical students, doctors in training and medical professionals in New South Wales.


Embracing sustainability across our business

Sustainability, and its notion of endurance, means the world to us. We live by it in both business strategy and ecological responsibility. We are proud to always stay relevant by analysing, anticipating and making sound decisions. DPM enters the sustainable era: our Melbourne office is proudly 100% Green Power Certified.

What we stand for

These values guide our business, our brand and philosophy.
They are ingrained in our culture and everything we do.

Expertise first

Having helped thousands of medical professionals achieve financial peace of mind over the last 50 years, we’re confident in our know-how and ability to help them achieve their financial goals throughout their professional lifecycle, from student to private practice and everything in between.


DPM Financial Services owns their own AFSL. We access appropriate products from various providers. Our advice is fair-minded and focused on enabling our clients to make informed decisions.

Customer centricity

We designed our financial services offering around our knowledge of what medical professionals will need and benefit from as they progress through their careers. Our team of specialists ensure each client’s personal situation and goals take priority in the advice provided.

Adding value

As a business, we genuinely listen to our clients’ feedback and continually strive to improve the client experience. We take pride in building on our service offering to better suit clients’ needs, identifying more efficient ways of doing business and simply making our clients’ lives a little easier.

Meet our leaders

Meet our leadership team

Board of Directors

DPM Board of Directors

(Left to right) Matthew Armstrong, Craig Meade, Tyler Hunter, Paul Grubb

General Management Team

Linda Pickering

General Manager - Client Engagement

Linda joined DPM in 2013 and is a member of the DPM Management Team. She has more than 25 years experience in the financial services industry including customer service, sales, marketing, communication, business growth and strategy development, compliance, product development and coaching for change. Linda is a member of the Financial Planning Association and Women on Boards.

Marika Mellas

General Manager - Operations

Marika joined DPM in 2016 and is passionate about establishing a culture of organisational excellence and innovation. Her role is to drive optimal business performance helping improve the overall customer experience. She has over 18 years experience across consulting, postal logistics, utilities and financial services. Marika is a Change specialist and a Lean/Six Sigma Master Black Belt practitioner. She’s also a member of the Australian Organisational Excellence Foundation and is one of the Foundation’s Business Excellence Evaluators.

Pat Dieter

General Manager - Corporate Governance & Technology

Pat joined DPM in 2018, bringing with him more than 20 years of industry experience across Australia, Canada and New Zealand. With a background in strategic advice and insurance, Pat is passionate about the Financial Services industry and ensuring clients obtain the right advice to enable them to achieve their financial and lifestyle objectives.