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You’ve arrived. It’s time to make the most of your rewarding career – join more than 7,000 medical professionals who already rely on DPM’s 50+ years of experience as medical financial advisors.

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Trust in our experience and specialisation as medical financial advisors

Our clients come to us at different life stages – graduating, starting a family, post-graduate training, building wealth and assets, managing business and retiring. We understand their challenges before they do. We know what lies ahead for them, and for you – as a doctor and as an individual.

No matter what your specialty, when you become a qualified consultant, your financial and personal needs change. At DPM, we partner with you to align your professional and financial obligations with your personal goals.

Our mission is to help you reap the rewards you deserve. We use language you can grasp to guide you through informed choices and smart financial decisions. You get the control, the understanding and the benefits.

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Tax & Accounting

As a doctor, tax and accounting may not be a high priority. But you can’t ignore it. If you earn an income in Australia, you must pay taxes and every year at tax time, you need to go through the complicated process of lodging a tax return with the ATO.

You can meet your obligations in a variety of ways:

  • DIY – using your own knowledge, time and tools available online and via the ATO.
  • Tax Accountant – using the services of an accountant or accounting firm that specialises in tax returns who may or may not understand the distinctive challenges of medical accounting.
  • Specialised Medical Accountant – using medical financial advisors like DPM that specialises in both tax returns for doctors and providing medical accounting advice to help you fully integrate your financial life, all in one place.


Taxation and accounting are highly regulated, ever-evolving industries. As you progress through your career, and potentially become a high income earner and business owner, the complexities of taxation and medical accounting increase. The medical industry itself is complicated. You need relevant structures in place to meet your obligations, suit your individual circumstances and give you a continual high level of asset protection and taxation efficiency.

DPM tax consultants have years of experience and understand the challenges of your financial journey as a medical practitioner. Our specialised advice and expertise helps you legitimately minimise your tax in the future, enabling you to build wealth and achieve your financial goals.

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Why DPM?

“I can thoroughly recommend my DPM Consultant who has been my accountant for the last 17 years. She has provided honest, supportive and thorough advice and accounting skills as I have moved from hospital only to largely privately centred practice.”

Louise – Obstetrician,
Private Practice, VIC

“My DPM Consultant has been outstanding for me since I was an intern, with excellent accounting knowledge specific to the medical profession. He has always been very helpful in answering my questions, and explaining the financial implications as my income situation has progressed over the years, in a very friendly and professional manner.”

Daniel – Radiologist

“As a psychiatrist who has spent a lifetime working with emotionally vulnerable people I must express my appreciation of the sensitive, empathic and responsive manner in which your team conduct their work. No matter what happens with any current or future (hopefully not) insurance claim, it is reassuring to have you involved.“

Gunvant – Psychiatrist, St Vincent’s Hospital