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Sleep at the ‘G | an eye-opening experience into the devastating world of homelessness

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Team DPM raises $4,435 so far – there’s still time to donate and support those that need it the most

Can you imagine being a teenager with no safe place to call home? Being homeless is traumatic – and often dangerous. Yet it’s the reality for over 6,000 young people in Victoria right now. This shouldn’t be happening in the world’s most liveable city and DPM wanted to help do something about it.

On Thursday 17 May, nine DPM employees joined 1,417 fellow Victorians who volunteered to spend the night at the Melbourne Cricket Ground as part of Melbourne City Mission’s annual Sleep at the ‘G.

Together, 239 teams raised a record breaking $1,001,178 that will help support some of our most vulnerable young people who are experiencing homelessness.

Where is the money going?

All funds raised from the night are going towards building a 24/7 youth crisis accommodation centre on King Street, Melbourne.

The centre will provide emergency accommodation along with housing, health, education and employment support all under the same roof, which will support young people to break the cycle of homelessness and prevent them from falling into long term adult homelessness.

The DPM Sleepers

Armed with their sleeping bags and yoga mats, our nine DPM employees braved the cold weather to try and gain some perspective and get a small taste of what our homeless population have to go through each and every night.

We asked our DPM participant why they felt that it was important to get involved?

“Homelessness is a growing issue and too many people still don’t understand the underlying reasons why some people end up on the streets. I think initiatives like Sleep at the ‘G are a great way to raise funds for a community of people in need as well as raising awareness around the real issue. The more people understand, the more compassion they have – who wouldn’t want to get involved?”
– Cha, Business Services Manager

“I got involved because I see young people on the streets and wish I could do something meaningful to improve the quality of their lives. People in these situations need help, support, understanding and (if applicable) treatment. By raising money for Sleep the ‘G, we are opening doors for those most disadvantaged and at risk in our society.”
– Kieran, Business Improvement Analyst

“I got involved with Sleep at the ‘G because I wanted to raise awareness for the issue of homelessness as well as see for myself what it is like trying to sleep in similar conditions. From just one night, I believe I gained a slightly better understanding of how tough it can be trying to sleep when you don’t have the comforts of your home.”
– Amy, Senior Client Services Administrator

So we asked, what did they learn from the experience?

“Knowing that sleeping rough is so hard and experiencing it firsthand gives you an appreciation for a problem that actually can be solved.”
– Craig, Executive Director

“I now have a better understanding and appreciation of one of the basic needs for a human being – shelter or a place to call home.”
– Mekala, Business services & HR Support

“It made me realise that I am very fortunate to have a warm, comfortable and safe place to go home to every day and that if something ever changed, my family would always be there to take me in and support me – and I’m lucky, because not everyone has that.”
– Kieran, Business Improvement Analyst

“I definitely have a new appreciation for how hard it must be on the streets, I had one night in a safe semi-warm environment with the creature comforts of a sleeping bag, yoga mat, and warm soup and struggled to sleep as well as stay focused the next day. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to do this every day with the added complexities homeless people are facing.”
– Cha, Business Services Manager

As a team, our DPM sleepers were able to raise an incredible $4,435 that will provide direct support to some of our most vulnerable young Victorians. The event itself will not only have a lasting impact on the lives of these young people, but it will forever change all who got involved in this event, supporting this important cause.

Want to get involved? There’s still time to donate- head to the DPM team page

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