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Getting through self-isolation and studying medicine

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The world as we know it is facing trying and unprecedented times with constantly changing COVID-19 news from the government. We can only do our best to self isolate to reduce stress on our healthcare professionals and allow them to do the best they can for everyone.

So one must ask, what should we do with all this time that we are faced with in self-isolation?

The following are some ideas compiled to help you through these troubling times!

Get in contact with friends and family – that are not okay

We’re all in the same boat and sharing the same feelings right now, contacting family and close friends as they are also going through these rough times can mean the world to someone and can be just what they need to help them through their anxiety. So jump on that chat or phone and let them know you are (digitally) here for them and that you are doing well (hopefully!).

Stick to a routine

More often than not we find ourselves losing track of the day and time spending hours upon hours in self-isolation, the concept of time then becomes redundant. This is where having a routine and planning out your day is the best way to keep living in somewhat ‘normal’ conditions as well as help keep your mind away from unwelcoming thoughts. For example, your day could start with a quick read of the news and a check of socials, followed by some studying in the morning whilst your mind is still clear, do some exercise or get into hobby activities in the afternoon and then spending sometime in the evening with those you are self-isolating with – or those you are not physically with over video chat.

Stay active and keep fit

Stay active! – as you know, healthy body healthy mind. In times of self-isolation it’s easy to just do nothing and succumb to laziness but it is important for you to stay active and let those endorphins run (no pun intended) through your body. This will not only help you pass time but also ensure you stay healthy and boost up your immune system. To help with this, there have never been this many apps available that provide a range of exercises that you could do indoors or in your backyard/balcony, so get downloading and take advantage of that time!

Find new hobbies and activities that’ll keep you busy

If you ever thought of starting a new indoor hobby but never really acted on it, then now is the best time! Here are some ideas that have popped up recently:

  • Cooking, starting with simple recipes and available ingredients.
  • Blogging or vlogging for all those ideas that you have had for a while.
  • Writing, drawing, illustrating… get creative!
  • Reading nights, get that book you always thought of reading but never found time. You can even put together a book club with your friends!
  • Knitting… winter is around the corner after all.
  • Board games and jigsaw puzzles, to keep that mind active.


This one is short but is also everything. In stressing times it’s really easy to revert back into a selfish place, it’s primal and part of our survival instinct!

In tough times, each and every one of us can feel anxious and worried but being kind to others as you would be to your own friends and family sometimes makes the difference between community and chaos. When the situation around us is chaotic, the only way to overcome it is by sticking together.

Stay safe, follow the health guidelines and remember that you can seek support from services such as Headspace. They have a number of headspace centres you can visit, or you can use their online and phone services, or through online chats if you need to talk about it.

Disclaimer: * The information contained in this site is general and is not intended to serve as advice. DPM Financial Services Group recommends you obtain advice concerning specific matters before making a decision.

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