DPM's response to COVID-19 outbreak
As we carry a responsibility to keep our employees safe and minimise the risk of exposure for our clients, note that DPM will be ceasing all face-to-face client meetings. All appointments can be conducted over the phone or via web-conferencing.

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Podcast | Medical accounting advice re JobKeeper Payment Package

— 2 min read


DPM Financial Services partners with RWS (Rooms with Style) and delivers a Podcast that explains the JobKeeper Payment Package and how it applies to doctors. Listen for more information.

Thanks to Caroline Chaplin and the team at RWS.


Sean O’Neill

CPA, B. Bus (Acc)


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Sean joined DPM in 2009. His experience working with doctors in training and consultants gives him insights into the financial challenges faced at each career stage. Sean helps clients manage their financial and taxation affairs so they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

Amelia Jones

B. Comm, CA


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Amelia is a Chartered Accountant and joined DPM in 2017. With more than 15 years’ experience in the accounting industry, she specialises in providing personalised tax, structuring and compliance advice to medical professionals. Amelia thrives on developing long-term relationships with her clients to ensure they are in the best tax position to achieve their personal and professional goals.