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Superannuation health podcast

Podcast | Superannuation health

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This discussion is a deep dive into all things superannuation, with Financial Planner Will Ezzy, who addresses podcast host Dr Tash’s questions, around the importance of financial education when it comes to superannuation and understanding how your Super plays a part in your overall financial position. Not just once in retirement, but well before that.

This podcast discusses the following:

  • What is superannuation? What are the different types of super funds? How to choose the right one for you?
  • Using superannuation to pay for medical expenses such as IVF and weight loss surgery.
  • Why we can’t ignore superannuation?
  • Ethical, environmental, social or governance investment (ESG) principles. What are they? Why we should care?
  • What are the different types of insurances through superannuation?
  • Does your super fund invest in companies such as tobacco, arms, nuclear energy, gambling, alcohol, fossil fuels, adult entertainment- should you care if companies source a significant proportion of their revenue from these? How do you find out how your Super fund invests your money?
  • When should you see a financial planner regarding your superannuation?
  • Binding beneficiaries. Are they a big deal?
  • Super fund fees. Are THEY big deal?
  • By retirement age in Australia, what is the average a woman has in her superannuation compared to a man? And why?

If you have more questions or wish to talk to one of our Private Wealth Consultants (Financial Planners) or Will Ezzy specifically, click here to book a no-obligation free initial consultation.

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