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The true financial power of women in medicine - Report

A free report for women in medicine to understand their financial position, where they can improve it and empower them to take action.

Is this report for me?

  • Are you a doctor and a woman?
  • Do you feel that gender bias is not discussed enough?
  • Would you like to better understand yours and your female colleagues’ financial position?
  • Do you want to know what you can do to improve it?

Financially empowering women in medicine 

Data shows that the specialist doctor of the future is female and it got us thinking about the financial position of women in medicine as a whole. What it is now, where it should be and how we, as a financial services provider for medical professionals, can contribute to making a positive change for those women into the future.

The true financial power of women in medicine report is an investigative dive into financial differences driven by gender bias in medicine.

It brings in-depth knowledge of the medical sector and financial education together to empower Australian female doctors, at individual level, to make smarter financial decisions. Giving them the best chance at minimising the gender financial gap.

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